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“I’ve always been the guy with amazing potential who couldn’t quite pull it together. I’m part Samoan, and getting my weight down to contest shape has always been a challenge. In fact, I couldn’t qualify for national competition for years because of it. Then I went on the SprayFlex Extreme Anabolic Stack. I started at 285 pounds and 25% bodyfat. Big, but really smooth. OK, fat. I immediately noticed that my strength levels and muscular endurance jumped up, making it easier to do cardio and intensify my workouts. I also noticed that I was getting wicked pumps. By my second month, everyone was asking what I was doing. When it came time to get ready for the 2004 season, I was excited because I was already leaner than I’d ever been when starting to prep for a show. A few months later, I showed up at the Los Angeles Championships at 235 shredded pounds and 3.2% bodyfat. I won the overall, just as fellow Team SprayFlex member, Mark Dugdale, had the year before. I lost over 60 pounds of bodyfat while gaining over 13 pounds of pure muscle mass, and it was almost easy. The next week, I went to the USA Championships, won my class and got my pro card! SprayFlex is the missing link that helped me transform my physique from a “guy with potential who is just too heavy” to an I.F.B.B. professional bodybuilder. I’ve tried EVERYTHING to unlock my potential, but SprayFlex is, by far, the most cutting-edge stuff you can use. This is truly as close as it gets to “real gear” as you can legally find.”

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