The Difference Between iPhone on Sprint Vs AT&T

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The two biggest wireless providers, Sprint and AT&T, have the best service around the US with quality coverage and high-speed data. While Sprint provides affordable plans to customers, AT&T is known for including free TV service and unlimited plans. Lately, AT&T has not been providing its customers with any decent plans, and the only best part that is left about it is its coverage and data speeds. Sprint, on the other hand, may not have a countrywide coverage, but it offers budget plans for its customers, making it a valued option for families. There are different ways of choosing a switching your network service provider before the contract ends. One easy way to do so is to find a good phone unlocking service. You can have your sprint iphone 7 unlock process done at a good unlocking service without damaging your phone to use any network provider you want.

Let us look at some of the differences in between iPhone on Sprint vs AT&T.

The prices

Now that AT&T is no more providing its extra perks such as free TV, Sprint is actually giving the best prices for the same quality of the network. You can easily figure out the huge gap between the unlimited plans of both the services. The cheapest plan for AT&T is almost twice as much as Sprint’s cheapest plan.

Neither of these cheapest plans provides the best data speeds, hotspot options, and good streaming speeds. Considering that you cannot expect anything better than a compromise on high speed on these plans, coverage does not make a big deal at all. That makes Sprint a better option than AT&T at prices.


AT&T has better performance than Sprint any day. While AT&T has a coverage of 58% of the US, Sprint can only get as close as 27%. Compared to Verizon’s 70% and T-Mobile’s 59%, these numbers are less, but AT&T still offers a powerful coverage. Sprint may be able to provide highly affordable plans, but the coverage of the service is so poor that you cannot move freely from one state to another in fear of losing connection.

AT&T easily wins the coverage fight, but it is still not the best coverage service in the country. The data speed of AT&T has become a benchmark to break, and Sprint gets completely crushed in this comparison. The average speed on AT&T devices can hover around 27.5 Mbps while Sprint’s maximum speed reaches 23.9 Mbps. Anyone using smartphones for watching HD movies and downloading games will surely notice this difference.


Both Sprint and AT&T offer the latest smartphone models to their customers, and the prices are about the same. The iPhone users do have to worry about not getting their choice of the mobile network as both Sprint and AT&T have all models for their network. While AT&T is a more reliable and faster option than Sprint, one is free to make decisions based on where they live and what their requirements are.