What to Look for in a Pair of Cross Trainers if You’re a Serious Athlete?

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The perfect pair of cross trainers enables you to build stronger and powerful muscles. Being an athlete, it is important that you purchase the perfect pair of cross trainers so that you can beat your competitors. When it comes to choosing a pair of cross trainers, we usually do not have enough information and we prefer taking help from the gym instructors so, they may suggest us the best pair of cross trainers. Some of the trainers always provide the honest advice as they understand the importance of purchasing the right machine for growing your muscles.

But there are some trainers that have partnered with different companies and they regularly promote their products in order to earn some commission. In this situation, the consumer may get into a lot of trouble because the trainer would be providing them advice to buy the machine that is not even worth it. Therefore, we recommend staying away from such issues as you never know that whether the trainer is providing an honest advice or not.

However, you can consult your trainer for several tips and then decide the machine on your own. We have also brought some tips that will help you when you are purchasing a pair of cross trainers. Here are the tips you need to look for when buying the cross trainer home machine.


The stride length may vary depending on the type of the machine. Usually, 16” – 21” is considered to be the ideal length for the strides. The athletes should avoid buying machines that have shorter stride as it won’t help in making their muscles strong. In my opinion, you should consider buying the cross trainers that enable you to adjust the length of the stride. Thus, you’d be able to customize the machine according to your exercise posture.


The speed, incline, and resistance are the most important elements that help in adjusting the intensity of your workout. Belt and magnetic resistance are the two main systems that play an important role in controlling the resistance. Most of the home use cross trainers come with belt drive systems. You must carefully choose the resistance level as it will determine that how fast you’d grow your muscles in the future.

Power meter

The users can now monitor their workout with the help of the power meter. You must carefully check the features that are included in the power meter. Thus, you’d be able to choose the right pair of cross trainers for your practice. Make sure that elements like speed, resistance, and HR are included in the power meter because these are the elements that can produce very impressive results.