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Quality Supplements – What to Look for in a Manufacturer

Looking for a high-quality manufacturer of supplement products is not an easy undertaking because this decision will have a considerable impact on the future reputation and success of your business. Thus, it is important to set specifications and check for them before making the final decision. With that in mind, here are 5 important things you need to look for in a supplement manufacturer.

1. Standard operating procedures (SOPs) and other documentation

Documentation is the best way to know that a manufacturer is producing their supplements in a safe and controlled procedure such as Health To Wealth Protein Supplements does. SOPs are the most important factor in a quality system. Therefore, you should review these documents and policies to make sure that they are signed off with the effective dates. In addition, ask for executed records like batch production, which will offer proof that the manufacturers follow SOPs routinely.
You should also look for COAs (certificates of analysis), test results, information in batch records, cross-references, as well as preventive and corrective actions.

supplement manufacturer2. GMP certifications

Good manufacturing practice or GMP is basically a system designed for guaranteeing that products are produced and controlled consistently according to specified quality standards. This helps to minimize the common risks in any pharmaceutical productions which could not be eliminated during testing processes. This system covers all factors of production from materials, equipment, and premises, to personal hygiene and training of staff.

Though FDA doesn’t recognize third-party GMP certifications, supplement manufacturers which commit to these documents demonstrate their seriousness about product quality. Thus, make sure to ask if they have these certifications or plan to get certified.